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The Effects of Testosterone on Children

The effects that testosterone has on the body should be healthy and expected; especially when a male child reaches puberty and begins to undergo hormonal changes that mature the body and cause significant growth and development.

Here are some of the main results of effects you should see from testosterone if your son or daughter is going through puberty, or if you want to learn more about how testosterone can improve your health as an adult.

The physical and emotional changes that you will see in your child during puberty will be very evident. For instance, many young men who are going through this transition will be more aggressive, and will use body language and physical force to communicate rather than words.

Testosterone also fosters the competitive spirit that men naturally have, so young boys may begin viewing their peers differently during puberty; instead of seeing them as colleagues, they may become a threat. Young men feel the need to prove themselves during this time, so they may turn everything into a competition from a friendly game of basketball to a big test in social studies class.

To keep testosterone levels balanced in your son or daughter, be sure to provide a healthy, balanced diet for him or her that is rich in protein and vitamins. Carbohydrates should be moderate, and plenty of fruits and vegetables will provide the fiber and minerals that a growing body needs to stay strong and healthy.

Testosterone is also responsible for the growth spurt that females have during puberty, and is produced in the ovaries to help regulate the menstrual cycle. This means that a healthy diet could keep testosterone at healthy levels for boys and girls, and physical activity should be encouraged in order to reduce aggression and keep hormone levels balanced.

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