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Testosterone Therapy for Women

Testosterone therapy has long been a remedy for men who are looking to improve their health and maintain hormonal balance, but testosterone therapy is also possible-and sometimes necessary-for women as well.

Here are some reasons why women may need to undergo various forms of testosterone therapy, as well as some questions and concerns you should bring to your doctor when it comes to finding the right type of testosterone therapy for you.

Since the goal of testosterone therapy is to help the body maintain its normal functions, and to restore balance within the body, especially when the body is undergoing significant changes, such as puberty or even menopause. During menopause, women may lose significant amounts of testosterone and estrogen, and this imbalance is part of what causes fatigue, night sweats, or hot flashes.

Testosterone therapy can also help women to increase sex drive (libido can be lost during or shortly after menopause). Sometimes, doctors will even use testosterone therapy to treat osteoporosis in women.

Testosterone therapy can also help with increasing bone mass, and about one in seven women undergo this treatment. Studies have shown that women who have undertaken this type of therapy do seem to have increased bone strength.

There are other uses for testosterone therapy besides increasing bone mass, such as treating women who've had or suffer from cancer. Testosterone has shown to help remove poisonous hormones and cells in women's bodies, even more so in those who suffer from breast cancer.

If you think that testosterone therapy may be for you, you should talk to your doctor about the various forms of therapy that are available for you. You may be able to take the hormone in small doses at first, so that your doctor can keep close eye on the progress that the hormone is making in your body.

You can also practice certain healthful habits, such as exercising more regularly and eating a more healthy diet in order to make the testosterone therapy work faster.

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