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Testosterone Therapy and Menopause

If you are experiencing menopause or will soon, there are several things that you can do to make sure that this time in your life is as comfortable as possible. Testosterone therapy may help you to improve your mood and temperament during menopause, and can help reduce night sweats and hot flashes as well. If you are searching for a way to regulate the hormonal balance in your body during menopause, you may want to discuss testosterone therapy with your doctor as a possible treatment option.

Once you think that you definitely want to try testosterone therapy, you should discuss a few things with your doctor before beginning the treatment. One of the first things you should be aware of is the fact that the therapy could take up to a month to 'work'; so, if you don't see results immediately, you shouldn't worry.

Your hormones will need time to get back on track during menopause, and learning to pace yourself when you're undergoing therapy will help. Also, you should know that the amount of HCL, or healthy cholesterol, will naturally decrease in your body during testosterone therapy. Making adjustments in your diet to consume more healthy fats (such as those from nuts or lean meats) will help your body to maintain a health cholesterol balance, and your energy level will stay up during testosterone therapy as well.

Your doctor should also inform you that there are other conditions that will most likely be treated as a result of the testosterone therapy. For instance, if you are experiencing depression due to hormonal changes that take place during menopause, the therapy will literally improve your mood by increasing the amount of androgens in the body.

Your bones and muscles also become significantly weaker during menopause due to the loss of testosterone-75 percent of women with osteoporosis are post-menopausal-so testosterone therapy will help you to build up your physical strength, which will make it easier to exercise and stay in shape. You may want to start the therapy in small doses at first until your body gets used to it, but speaking with your doctor about a customized treatment plan is definitely the best move when you're considering testosterone therapy.

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