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The Market for Testosterone Creams and Gels

Kristy Annely

Testosterone cream is one of many topical testosterone products to help increase testosterone levels. The safe, yet extremely potent, testosterone gel is absorbed through the skin directly into the blood stream using "Time Released Liposome Transdermal Delivery System" technology to boost testosterone levels for hours longer than many prescription drugs. It does not contain caffeine, and many testosterone creams are available without a prescription.

The inactive leutenizing botanicals in the testosterone cream stimulate and increase natural testosterone production and release. Included estrogen blockers help inhibit and suppress aromatizing (conversion) of testosterone into estrogen. People apply 1/2 to 1 tsp. of the gel to skin areas such as inner arms or thighs or behind the knees first thing in the morning and prior to bed. For best results, apply to skin with the least amount of hair. For extra benefit apply 1/2 tsp. to 1 tsp. 10 minutes to one hour before exercise or sexual activity, or as directed by your qualified health care physician. Women using a testosterone cream should cut the dosage in half.

Of course there are many brands of testosterone cream. Each man's testosterone need may be different, so it's important to look at different creams available. This relates to his particular degree of andropause -- the decrease in production of this hormone and its effects on his body and lifestyle. When you begin using a testosterone cream, it is formulated to your body based on reliable lab tests. The cream can be adjusted by your doctor until the correct blood levels are met.

Women can use a testosterone cream, too. If a woman has a testosterone deficiency, many physicians start by prescribing a testosterone cream applied vaginally twice weekly. Side effects of testosterone may include: anxiety or irritability, dark hairs on the chin or upper lip, excess body hair, oily skin and acne. If these side effects occur with testosterone therapy, a woman's dosage can be adjusted.

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