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Testosterone Cream for Women

By Akbar Williams

As a woman's body ages so does some of the vital nutrients and hormones. This is a natural part of life and they can be replaced by eating right, having a proper diet and by taking various supplements. This article will focus on the use of the testosterone cream to treat women who have a low sex drive.

Testosterone is the male hormone that is used to for a wide variety of processes. It is needed for lean muscle, sexual performance, libido, the regulation of fat, maintaining muscle mass and many more.

Testosterone cream is a topical treatment that is rubbed into the skin to increase the level of testosterone. It is absorbed into the skin, making it easy for it to get into the blood stream. There has been wide speculation that the cream is not a proper treatment for those who suffer from low testosterone in the body, but some also suggest that it is.

Testosterone cream for women is used to help those who have a deficiency. This is often results in women who have a low sex drive and low desire to have sex. Many doctors prescribe the testosterone cream for women to help increase their libido. Typically women who use this cream have to apply this to their vagina at least two times per week. This should enable them to get back some desire for sex and raise their libido. For women who take this cream, it should be noted, that it is not FDA approved and there is the possibility that it might not work with all the women who take it.

Testosterone cream for women is often prescribed by a doctor. There are other creams that are available over the counter. The ones prescribed by the doctors usually have a higher level of testosterone in their products. The over the counter creams content are usually substantially less. Before taking this product you should consult with a doctor or do your own independent research.

There are some side effects associated with the use of the testosterone cream for women. These are typically the growth of hair. The hair can be very dark and can show up on the chin or upper lip. The other side effects are the increase of oily skin and the outbreak of acne. There is also the chance that the woman might experience the deepening of the voice. The use of the cream can also bring out other masculine traits that can become pronounced in women who take this product.

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