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Do you have Low Testosterone Levels

Jenny Gill

Did you know that a recent study has found that men with low testosterone levels after the age of 40 have a significantly greater chance of dying prematurely?
Researchers from the University of Washington said that even if we allowed for other factors, 20 per cent of middle-aged men with low testosterone faced a higher risk of death compared with men with normal levels of the hormone.
Unlike women who experience menopause, middle aged men generally did not experience a dramatic drop in their production of sex hormones. Testosterone levels gradually fell in men by about 1.5 per cent for each year after the age of 30.
Apparently there are known side effects of low testosterone, including reduced muscle mass, bone density, insulin control, sex drive and energy. A study of 838 men found that those with low testosterone were 88 per cent more likely to die in the 4 years they were monitored, even allowing for factors such as age, illnesses and weight. After excluding men who died within the first year of the follow-up, the risk was still 68 per cent higher.
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