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Developing a God-Sculpted - Super Muscular Physique

George Papazoglou

A flawless weight training program should always promote the excretion of testosterone production.

A well structured & strategic workout program will successfully produce adequate testosterone production, to induce muscle+strength growth.

2 highly intensive sets per exercise are ample to skyrocket testosterone excretion.

This strategy works best for smaller muscle areas like biceps, chest & shoulders. If your intensity levels are top, you'll won't feel like performing more than 2 sets per exercise. 

You must perform highly intensive and quick in duration workouts to induce muscular development. Don't fall short with marathon training sessions. You will only tear muscles rather than grow them.

For example if I can squat for> 1 SET x 15 reps with 240 KG, I would generate up to x20 times more testosterone than a trainee who performs 7 SETs of squats with moderate intensity.

Using this strategy I break my personal weight lifting records gradually & successfully.

While other folks struggle with the same weights for years, my strength levels steadily grow and multiply. 

More intensity> Greater Hormonal Production.

Progressive Weight Overload> More Intensity> Greater Gains in Muscles+Strength.

 Combine this powerful concept of highly intensive workouts with proper recuperation plus quality nutrient intake, and watch your muscle gains skyrocket.

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