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Andropause - How To Reverse Falling Testostorone Levels


We have all heard so much (and many have experience with) menopause in women.

There is a corresponding condition in men, called Andropause, or more specifically, hypogonadism (low testosterone) and here we will look at what it is and how to beat it and regain your vitality and libido.

Similar to women, where their menopause removes the ability to have and bear children, Andropause is the natural cessation of a man's sexual function.

Basically what is happening to a man is that his hormone level (of testosterone) has dropped to below normal levels due to low production in the testes.

As a woman's estrogens protect her so do a man's testosterones protect him from such maladies as heart attack and bone fractures.

Andropause is generally considered as the loss of a man's sexual drive and is associated with the aging process..

His decreased libido and no morning erections are the warning signs of the natural impotence experienced by andropausal men.

The andropausal man is generally deteriorates into a very passive and depressed state.

Testosterone is the principal androgen of which 95% is made by the testes (testicles or sperm producers), 5% in the adrenals of both sexes and 1% by female ovaries. T is synthesized from cholesterol at approximately 6 mg/day (normal range 5-15 mg/day depending on age) and metabolized by the liver and excreted in the urine.

Testosterone can be bioconverted into two other steroids at target tissues throughout the body:

This conversion essentially regulates all T activity since the rate of conversion can be modified by the levels of these steroids.

Andropause, and its corresponding low levels of testosterone have negative influences on both mood and mental abilities, including decline of memory, and loss of youthful sexual functioning.

Also this sexual aging gives rise to the unfortunate conditions of impotence, erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory and urinary problems, decreased libido and deterioration of the general physique.

Other symptoms include increase in weight, progressive aging of the face, muscular weakening and weakening of bone tissue or osteoporosis.

Of even more alarming symptoms are the eventual failing of memory, all sexual drive and the resulting irritability (bitchiness) associated with general fatigue. Next follows the development of clogged arteries, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, the increase in abdominal fat, the atrophy of the skin, high blood pressure and increased cholesterol. Loss of testosterone can (and does) cause all these conditions.

Happily, many are reversible with some form of testosterone supplementation. This however should not be attempted without the supervision of a qualified physician.

There are a great percentage of men (even teenagers) who resort to testosterone supplementation for a variety of reasons, but mostly to increase their body mass and muscle, and also as advantage in sports (now a highly illegal activity, i.e. Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 1990, which criminalizes sale and possession of any anabolic steroid intended for non-medical use)

Testosterone Replacement and Cessation of Andropause

An active life, with regular exercise is known to assist the body to produce testosterone. Also, you can safely take the supplement DHEA.

Together, testosterone and DHEA will delay the normal aging process. This means that there are beneficial systemic effects in maintaining blood levels of androgens similarly to the benefits of maintaining normal thyroid hormone levels. This is the natural way to treat Andropause.

Various physicians and clinics are now administering testosterone replacement by various methods, and with good results.

As there are some very great dangers to the non-medically supervised use of testosterone, it is advised not to use any without constant and qualified medical assistance.


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